Let me introduce you to Loki, HottyDog’s Pet šŸ˜€

Meet Loki, HottyDog's Mascot, Golden Retriever, Blue Nose Pitbull and Blue Healer Mix

A 5 Months Golden Retriever Mixed with Blue Nose Pit and Blue Healer.

Strange Breed, Retriever, Blue Healer and Blue Nose Pitbull

A little weird breed I know, but he fits right into our family XD

We’re lucky that he’s so smart, he started picking up on the tricks pretty fast, in less than a day he could do a few tricks like Paw, The other paw, Sit, Rollover and talk.

The only trick we couldn’t get him to absorb was quiet, he would bark to the leaves outside, the trees moving and even his own shadow for god’s sake, so annoying.

If it wasn’t for the magical no barking tool (Like I like to call it) he would still be disturbing the neighbors with his non-stopping barking.

Animal Control New York Sad Story

One time one of the neighbors even called Animal Control on us cause they thought we were doing something to our precious Loki, of course, nothing happened and they saw it was nothing but a big misunderstanding.

We did get a warning for disturbance and they said that if we couldn’t keep him quiet they would take him away šŸ™

Animal Control Taking Away Innocent Rare Breed Dog
Photo by Marisol Diaz – Tuesday, September 16

That’s when we decided to look for help but dog training is so expensive nowadays, so we started to look for alternatives; we got deeper and deeper into dog training and came along some amazing information and tools.

Which we are putting at your disposal so you don’t have to go through what we went through.

You don’t have to get them but that’s what worked for us and we’re so grateful that it did.

Well in a nutshell that was lucky, there are a lot more stories to tell but we’ll save them for another day. This post is way longer than I expected it to be and I don’t wanna keep you reading all day šŸ™‚

So again you don’t have to, but feel free to grab the “no barking tool” if you like. I will be sending you some free and helpful videos during the week that helped me train Loki into the amazing dog he is today.

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